Bible Mnemonics: The Fifteen Judges of Israel


  1. Olympic Othniel was a powerful warrior.
  2. Evasive Ehud was really tricky.
  3. Shocking Shamgar fought an army with a stick.
  4. Discerning Deborah sat under a fig tree.
  5. Bold Barak mobilized armies.
  6. Guarded Gideon just wasn’t quite sure of himself.
  7. Tactical Tola lived in the hills.
  8. Judicial Jair loved the number thirty.
  9. Jittery Jephthah was rather rash.
  10. Infamous Ibzan was quite a scandalous matchmaker.
  11. Elusive Elon nobody seemed to know.
  12. Abundant Abdon had a lot of children and donkeys.
  13. Shaggy Samson lost his hair and his strength.
  14. Enormous Eli fell off his chair.
  15. Sage Samuel anointed kings.
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